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MRM Partners with

Medical Research Management is pleased to announce that we've partnered with, the creators of a very popular professional services automation and billing software platform. Their software is perfect for handling CROs Time & Materials billing, and they have many success stories to their credit. They have features more commonly found on high-end enterprise level systems offered at a price most any business can afford. Use the link below, and you will receive an extra week of free usage, for a total free-trial period of 21 days. has a treasure trove of great features, but the most widely used modules include:

  • Timesheet management for your entire organization.
  • Batch billing.
  • Quickbooks Integration.
  • Mobile Interface.

We like the system because it's Software-As-A-Service which means it runs in your browser anywhere you have an Internet connection, but it's also very secure, using SSL Encryption, a Class-C Firewall, and Nightly Data Backups. The browser-based aspect makes it easy for your entire company to use, and all your billable work is available in one location for aggregated billing to the client.

Perhaps the best part is that it's easy to use. You can get set up with a free trial in less than a minute, and you'll find most features are simply intuitive. They have a great option to turn on balloon-tips which pops up explanations of features as you use the system. They also have a variety of tutorials and an extensive help system for reference.


hourly billing software

Billing Lifecycle SoftwareManage Your Billing Lifecycle

Use it for simple invoicing or manage the entire hourly billing pipeline. Create estimates and custom invoices, email pdf invoices and reports, export your data and create sophisticated reports.

QuickBooks Hourly Billing SoftwareCompatible With Quickbooks

Integrating your data seamessly with Quickbooks has never been easier. You have the power to control exactly what estimates, invoices, and payments get transferred and which clients get synchronized.

hourly billing software solution
Click here for a 30-Day Free Trial of the Software System
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