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From Anonymous Course Evaluations

Online Comments:

The content of the course is very informative. Review and summary of the key points are excellent, which helps me to organize the whole chapter."

"Excellent course material."

"I am so glad I took this course. It was worth every penny I paid for it. The on-line course was very well presented. I feel like I learned so much."

"The entire course was great- I learned tons! Very well applied."

"In all, probably the best online course that I have taken. Well done!"

"Online course beneficial, very informative and a great course design."

"I feel this is a very well done course and would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a CRA."

"I thought you did an admirable job laying out the chapters and building on previous chapters."

"The summarizing figures and flow charts were very helpful."

"I thought it had a lot of good, quality, educational value."

"The figures were very helpful, as were the review sections."

"Very good source of knowledge in clinical field for beginners and professionals."

"The online course was great in that it allowed me to continue working and study at my own pace."

"It was a good idea to divide the course into online/home-study and live classroom experience; good balance."

"I thought the online course was excellent. It gave detailed account of the job requirement and how to perform them."

"Online course was excellent and easy to read."

Classroom Comments:

Great program - Current and relevant. I feel better prepared for the field thanks to this course."

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn the profession correctly the first time and not by lessons learned."

"Monitoring exercises and report writing were instrumental to this class and its effectiveness."

"All in all a great class. Well worth the money, a great deal of knowledge, well presented and organized. Well worth the time and effort. I would highly recommend to anyone interested."

"The class is very challenging and interesting. The learning environment very professional. You are highly recommended."

"The in class monitoring exercises and report writing clarified the textbook in a tremendous way."

"I thought it was an excellent course!"

"Monitoring exercises were very valuable hands on tools for learning how to monitor. Monitoring report writing exercises helpful as well."

"It was a nice balance to have 2 different instructors for a variety in teaching style, presentation and experience."

"Jill has an energy level that is infectious. Her knowledge and expertise is undeniable, and I consider myself lucky to have trained under her."

"The course was excellent - well designed, well presented"

"The Part 2 was very informative for me and I have gained a thorough and sophisticated understanding of the drug-research industry in terms of monitoring, regulations, site obligations, etc. Part 2 exceeded my expectations of the course!"

"Instructors stayed on good track, gave us very valuable education for career success and development."

"A very well prepared course. Obviously a lot of time and effort went into producing the materials. Very intense but very good hands on experience."

"I truly did enjoy the course it was extremely thorough and would definitely refer others!"

"Our teachers were great! They were very patient and answered all of our questions, and concerns about the material and field of clinical research."

"The two week classroom has been informative, well thought out and organized."

The two week hands-on course definitely helped mesh everything together."

"Overall, I thought the course was great and would highly recommend it to other colleagues.

"The classroom course was intense both knowledgeable and enjoyable."

"Excellent instruction overall; extremely knowledgeable and class experience comfortable and enjoyable."

"Hands-on experience very useful and important. This increased my level of comfort and confidence."

"Course was very comprehensive, and excellent introduction to material in this field."

" The case studies provided me with a practical application of material presented."

" One of the best courses I have ever taken. I was very satisfied."

" Instructors were knowledgeable and informative. They made the lectures enjoyable because of their different teaching methods."

" Instructors were well organized and knew the material well."

" Review sessions were very valuable, the instructors took the time to make sure we understood the information."

" MRM, Inc. goes the extra mile in helping to get that job interview with resume preparation."

" I am grateful for the start I had with your course, without it I would have been lost."

" Thanks to your course, I have been hired by a great company with a pleasant working environment."

" I highly recommend this course for people who want to pursue a career in clinical research."

" The course study material is easy to understand and provides all the basic information needed to know in this field to hit the ground running."

" The job placement program is very helpful to get your foot in the door."

" I believe the training and experience I received from this course helped me to land the job I wanted."

" I was a 53 year old person looking for a new career and thanks to this course I found it. It was the right move at the right time for me."

" I have tried for years to get into this industry and through this course I had numerous interviews and landed a position as a clinical research associate."

" I was tired of bedside nursing and needed to make a career change into a challenging field, this course gave me the tools to get started."

" This is not just a course preparing you to become a CRA, it prepares you for a variety of positions from Research Coordinator, Data Manager, to Drug Safety Specialist."

" The best part for me was the hands on working with protocols and case studies."

" As a hiring manager for a leading CRO I was impressed with the graduates we hired and how well prepared they were to monitor studies and their understanding of the FDA regulations."

" I was impressed by the organization and interactive quality of this course."

" I would recommend the course strongly to anyone interested in this field."

" After taking this course, I felt ready for the real world."

" Course contained a large amount of well integrated and highly relevant information, and efficiently presented."

" Exercises presented in class were very helpful in applying the text information to situations that occur on the "job"."

" An excellent course, extremely informative and enjoyable."

" The entire course was excellent. I learned a phenomenal amount of information about clinical research."

" I truly looked forward to the classes. It was an excellent opportunity for education and training in clinical research."

" More than met my expectations. Well worth the dollar value."

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